Lawn Fertilizing with Weed and Insect Control

Green Mountain Lawn and Tree Care provides you with the most comprehensive lawn care program available for the Rocky Mountain Front Range area. Our six-application program includes seasonally balanced fertilizer, pre-emergent in the spring to help prevent crabgrass, surface insect control if needed, and broadleaf weed control (dandelions, thistles, clover, etc.) through the summer.

(Prices for all treatments will vary based on square footage/size of lawn, quantity of trees, etc.)

Please call us today at (303) 452-0248 to for a free estrimate or to schedule a service.

On the second photo you can see a damaged area of turfgrass caused by cranberry girdlers, a species of surface insect controlled as part of your full service program here at Green Mountain Lawn and Tree Care.

In the third photo you can see the damage done by winter turf mites, a common pest found mostly in dry, sunny areas of lawns during the winter. Southern and western exposures are usually the hardest hit. If you are seeing damage like this in your yard, give us a call today to set up treatment for this fall and next spring.